With a range of wire sizes from .005″ to .312″ and expertise in all types of compression, torsion and extension springs, we meet specifications with unmatched flexibility. For shorter lead times, we keep a large inventory of various spring alloys and materials including many types of stainless steel, music wire, rocket wire, spring wire, tempered alloys, tungsten, brass, and copper. Our comprehensive production department which includes more than 30 automatic coiling machines and a substantial grinding capacity, can shape the finished products to fit your needs.


We manufacture custom stamped metallic and non-metallic materials for all your low and high volume requirements. We produce stamped parts of high quality, low cost and short lead time. You can be assured of consistent monitoring right from the start of development and production through assembly and delivery of the part. Stamped assemblies are produced economically employing comprehensive tooling equipment and standard processes.

Wire Forms

We offer Wire Form Assemblies for all your varying needs and demands. Our Wire Form Assemblies have flexible designs that provide future scope for any improvisation. We also offer the best in class wire assemblies for applications in the aerospace, defense, automotive, medical and commercial industries. We deliver premium quality, manufacturing, fabricating, packaging services and technical assistance for all kinds of Wire Assemblies.

We utilize state of the art CNC wire bending equipment for manufacturing and assembly of a wide spectrum of products. High, low and medium volume productions of bent wire parts are offered to customers with diverse requirements.

Welded Assemblies

We offer different types of welding services, including resistance welding, MIG welding and TIG welding. Welded assemblies are made from custom made components through high quality Robotic welding techniques. Our products find their applications in industries like lawn & garden, medical, electrical, commercial, manufacturing, entertainment, defense, automobile and aerospace.