What We Do

Headquartered in Houston, Texas – known as a world capital of the oil and gas industry with over 5,000 energy firms doing business in the region – H. A. O’Neil Company has an elite group of sales executives who adopt the focus and business strategies of their customers to ensure relationships with world-class manufacturers. Currently we represent manufacturers of Open Die Forgings, Forged Rolled Rings, Closed Die Forgings, Investment Castings, Centrifugal Castings, Crankshafts, Wire Products, Machining and Fabrications, as well as Turn Key Solutions.

How We Became the H. A. O’Neil Company

Toby J. O’Neil
Daniel C. O’Neil
James H. O’Neil
Harold | H. A. O'Neil Company
Harold A. O’Neil

In 1962, a man by the name of Harold A. O’Neil saw an opportunity to provide his customers with great service by becoming a manufacturer’s representative.  This allowed him to choose only the highest quality material and machining suppliers that were eager to exceed his customers’ expectations on price, delivery, and performance.  In the late 1960’s his son, Jim O’Neil, joined the family business and has continued Harold’s legacy over 55 years later.  

Today, Toby O’Neil and Dan O’Neil lead H. A. O’Neil Company into its third generation of leadership, as they forge ahead with shared knowledge and expertise, dedicated and ready to serve you and your company’s needs.

We base our reputation on quality, on-time delivery, competitive pricing, and outstanding customer service.  We take a consultative approach and draw on our wealth of experience to work for our customers and principals to overcome the challenges they face in today’s market.

Let us earn your business and respect as a reliable source for years to come.

We are actively quoting the following products:

Milled Blocks – Pump Blocks – Fluid Ends – Shafts – Solid Bar – Step Shafts – Flange Shafts – Crank Shafts – Pinions – Arbors – Seamless Rolled Rings – Discs – Gears – Bull Gears – Connecting Rods – Crosses – Tees – Valve Bodies – Bonnets – Wyes – Wing Nuts – Side Pocket Mandrel Inserts – Pony Rods – Cross-Head Extension Rods – Drill Bits – Bolts – Pup Joints – Swages – High Pressure Fluid Control Products – Forged Tubing – Mine Bits – Valve Stems – Axle Shafts – Mandrels – Sand Castings – Investment Castings – Lost Foam Castings – Water Glass Castings – Centrifugal Castings – Aluminum Castings – Name Plates – Gear Covers – Valve Keepers – Inspection Covers – Bearing Covers – Pony Rod Seal Covers – Centralizers – Frac Power Ends – Flowline Components – Blow Out Preventer Bodies (BOP) – BOP Segments & Pins – Wellheads – Reamers – Mud Pumps – Frac Pumps